Defaulting Debtors Administration Database (SAIS) - negative credit bureau, created after banks, leasing and telecommunication companies initiative to optimize creditworthiness evaluation and debt collection processes. Currently negative credit bureau is accessible to all subjects. 


  • Optimizes debt prevention and debt collection processes; 
  • Assists in creating profitable and reliable clients portfolio; 
  • Ensures effective business activity by controlling credit risk management processes. 


  • SAIS ensures current and new clients credit risk management;  
  • Debtors crediting restriction is superior solution to timely payment of debts; 
  • Access to superior solvency information on all Lithuanian and private persons. No exceptions;
  • On average, 12k negative facts daily, debts portfolio in excess of 14billion Litas (approx. half of Lithuanian budged of 2011);
  • 10k daily users, which daily perform around 20k solvency queries; 

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