Assessment of company solvency

Assessment of company solvency Assessing the solvency of your client and partners in the system, where most data in Lithuania is collected from state registers and is constantly updated, also using unique information from sectors of finance, telecommunication, electricity, and other businesses.

Assessment of population solvency

Assessment of population solvency Avoid loss caused by the delayed payments from people, by cheeking their solvency in the Credit Bureau. Based on data of “Doing Business 2014“, the Credit Bureau has collected information about 89 % of financially active society.

Selection of companies

Selection of companiesSelection of companies and rating them based on various combinations: solvency risk, financial indicators, business sector, amount of employees, legal status, geographical location, directors etc.


MonitoringIf you cannot spare time for a regular monitoring of the status of your client, then the service of monitoring will give you an opportunity to receive messages by e-mail, informing about changes in creditworthiness of businesses and private entities, as well as on other changes in their status.